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    Advanced Market Planning (MKT 802)

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  • ‘Advanced Market Planning’ is a capstone final year course in Marketing Management Department

    In this course 100% of the grade is based on a ‘Marketing Plan’ students develop for real world client after thoroughly analyzing the company, customers, competitors and business environment.

    What is done

    As a requirement of this capstone course, a group of 4-6 senior marketing students will be working with a real-life company to develop a Marketing Plan for the Client. The objective of Marketing Plan is to help the Client improve its marketing performance.

    How does it work

    Under the watchful eye of an experienced marketing professor, the students will draw upon the significant marketing knowledge they have acquired by taking several marketing courses and working for real companies in the co-op program.

    What is the Timeline

    Winter Semester: Mid September - Mid December

    Fall Semester: Mid January - Mid April

    Brief Outline of Report Delivered


    Situation Analysis

    • Industry Analysis
    • Competitors’ Analysis
    • Political, Economics, Socio-cultural, Technology (PEST) Analysis
    • Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats/Problems (SWOT)

    Short & Long-term Marketing Goals

    Consumer Analysis

    • Target market profile
    • Customers personas

    Marketing Strategy/Value Proposition

    Marketing Program/Tactics





    • Traditional Media
    • Digital Media
    • Prototype Ads

    Implementation Plan


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     What Our Clients Say

    "The student provided an excellent Marketing Plan considering our current commercialization situation. Their report would improve our marketing plans, for sure!"


    "Much gratitude to you and your team for establishing such a powerful collaboration opportunity. Having this marketing plan to finish off the year gives our team confidence and a sense of accomplishment knowing that we're starting 2022 off with a professional marketing plan."


    "Thanks for the opportunity to work with the students this semester I really appreciate it. I loved the work that my team did for me, we worked well together, they were inquisitive, supportive and understanding. I thought the report was amazing considering the time frame. All the students participated, explained where I needed clarification and gave me great feedback. Love it"


    "Their overall marketing plan showed how customized it was to my business. As a startup I have a very small amount of capital to run projects. They derived a phenomenal plan that worked within the framework of understanding my production capacity and therefore cash flows, setting reasonable goals that I am delighted to achieve. Not only is the plan a good one, but a realistic one that can be set within my business plan following a SMART goal system."